From here to where?

Our journey from a married couple to parenthood…..

Getting more serious…

Today our IVF meds are being shipped.  They should arrive on my hot (literally) doorstep sometime tomorrow.  One of the meds has to be refrigerated, so I have to stick around at home until they show up. 

I have read, from cover to cover, “The Couples Guide to In Vitro Fertilization-Everything you need to know to maximize your chances for success” -By Liza Charlesworth.  It was a great resource, and it will be something I will turn to throughout the process. 

A week from yesterday is the day I am supposed to stop taking my birth control pill.  I am SO ready to not have to take them anymore.  Thursday I have to start taking baby aspirin.  Things are starting to happen.  Things are getting more serious!


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IVF class was a success…

Jon and I left there feeling great about things.  He thinks it isn’t overwhelming, I think he is crazy!  We got some pretty certain dates and we got some really vague outlines of what is to come.  On July 31st I am supposed to start taking a baby aspirin daily.  (I am not really sure why but they are the doctors so I will do as they say!)  On August 3rd I get to stop taking oral contraceptives.  WOo HOo!  I will go in for our next appointment on August 7th.  Here they will do my baseline ultrasound.  They just check to make sure my uterine lining looks good, that my ovaries don’t have any cysts, and they will do a blood draw to make sure all hormone levels are where they should be. 

After 8/7 I have no idea when the next appointment will be.  I think she said after this appointment is when we will start the injections for the ovarian stimulation, but I might be confused!  They will cater all appointments and what nots to my particular body and how my body reacts to the meds.  So, I will update you more on that later.  At this appointment is also when we will be paying for the procedure in full.  **faints**

We also got our Rx for the meds we will be taking.  I am hoping to get it scanned and posted for you all to see.  When Jon and I looked at it we couldn’t believe our eyes!  It is H.U.G.E!  So, for comic relief you can see the huge list of drugs!  It even includes a script for a sharps container!  🙂

We got sent home with some needles and syringes to “play” with.  The nurse wants us comfortable with the whole drawing up meds process before we have to actually use expenisive REAL medicine.  Thankfully, both Jon and I have some practice is drawing medicine from a vial, getting the bubbles out, reading the syringe, etc.   Ahh, farmin comes in handy once again!

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