From here to where?

Our journey from a married couple to parenthood…..

Ava’s little family

Ava is such a little mommy.  You can see here, she has lots of “kids” to keep her hands full.

That is one giant dog, one ABC Elmo, one Baby Elmo, one tiny Elmo a blanket and a sippy of milk.  It is not uncommon to see her offer her Elmo’s a bit of milk.  Those dolls get thirsty too!  ( I think I also see a snowflake ornament, and a toy cell phone in the mix too.)  Jon has joked that we need a rocking love seat at times.  She likes to snuggle with ALL of them…at the same time.)

On a different day, different chair, same scene.  I think Baby Elmo was down for a nap, though.  He isnt to be found here!

She REALLY loves that dog though.  Shh, don’t tell Elmo, but I think the dog might be her favorite!


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