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USS Jason Dunham Comissioning

Saturday, November 13th we had the opportunity attend the comissioning of the Navy’s newest ship, the Jason Dunham.  My parents came in to town for the weekends festivities.  We took tons of pictures (read:300+) but I won’t share all of them here.  The pictures with the good camera are not on our computer yet (oops!) but I have some from our camera I will share for now. 

With Papa M, the night before the ceremony.  This was just before we left the hotel to tour the ship.

With Mema, sticking her tongue out at her Papa!

Running the halls of the hotel.  She stopped to say “cheese”….just before she did an about face and ran from me as fast as she could.

On the deck of the ship.  It was night, so not much to see!

In the Captain’s seat.  She wanted to take charge of the boat, thankfully Uncle Michael was there to guide her!  If you look at the monitor above her head you can see the helicopter deck!

The morning of the comissioning ceremony.  This picture melts my heart!

With me before we left!

The mast of the ship.  To say this was an amazing experience would not do it justice.  It was emotional, inspirational, historic, and a once in a life time experience.  The story behind the ship’s name added some extra emotion.  I will probably leave some details out, but to sum it up.  Jason Dunham was a young Marine who, during routine work in Iraq, had a grenade thrown at his group.  He took off his helmet and threw it on top of the grenade, along with himself.  The injuries he sustained in the blast took his life a few days later.  As a result of his heroic actions he saved the other Marines that were with him.  Jason Dunham’s parents were at the ceremony, his mom even called all the sailors to “man the ship”.  It was truly awesome to watch.  It helped that Ava was AWESOME throughout the entire thing!  Whew!

When the announcement was made to “man this ship” the sailors all run (they were lined up behind the spectators until this point) up each of the bridges (pictured above) and line the ships edges.  Here you can see part of them.  Michael is on the top there to the right.  We got a better picture with the other camera.  It was pretty cool to see the entire crew all lined up and down the ship.

We all enjoyed the ceremony.  There are many more pictures.  We will share more another day!


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