From here to where?

Our journey from a married couple to parenthood…..

A cheese and a smile.

There is a big difference here.  Anytime Ava sees a camera, or something she thinks could possibly be a camera, she shouts “eeeeeeeese”.  The other day she actually kept a bow in for a few minutes (gasp!) and I had to grab a picture.  Here is her cheese:

She looks incredibly unhappy.  I assure you she wasn’t.  Here is her smile to prove it:

See, I told you! 

Tomorrow is a big day here.  It is Grandma R’s birthday (Happy Birthday Grandma!), and Grandma and Grandpa M come in town for a long weekend.  Horray!


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My little “green” girl!

Making a statement with her shirt, swinging, and playing in the garden. 

Underneath the Earth it says “mine”. 

“Helping” in the garden.  Her favorite thing to do is grab the leaves of things and pull.  She learned it from me because I

pick the blooms off the basil plants, however, she doesn’t stop at the blooms—she pulls HANDFULLS of leaves off.  They aren’t wasted though, she likes to get lots of good sniffs of them before she throws them down.

Finally, laughing REALLY hard.  She loves to swing, ahem, “weng” as she says.  I guess this was a great birthday gift for her.  She is laughing because we were passing the football back and forth as she was swinging and she just dropped it so I couldn’t get it.  Stinker!

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All by myself….

Ava thinks she is big.  The other day she swiped an apple out of the fruit bowl and just went to town.  She was gnawing away on the apple so much I had to take it away from her.  When I got the apple away she had a HUGE mouth full of apple.  It seems she needs to learn to stop and chew once she gets some in her mouth. Instead, she was just going all around the apple and keeping it in her chipmunk cheeks!

(this is her smiling while not wanting to stop eating the apple. )

(Another cute outfit provided by:  Aunt Michelle!)

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She is cute

No real reason for the pictures (does there have to be?), just thought she was cute! 

It is really hard to get good pictures of her these days.  She is really never sitting still.  She also makes a really great “cheese” face, cute when you hear her say it, but the picture never really turns out that well.  Don’t worry, I have one of those pictures to share with you, too…..Just not today!  🙂

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Ava has finally sprouted some hair.  It seems to have all the sudden started growing like crazy.  After her bath we spike it up and it is pretty funny.  Here I am with Ava and her new hair style.  Don’t worry, as soon as her hair dries it falls right down!

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Momma’s night out.

I got a night out with a friend, and I just had to share a picture from it.  I went to Palm Beach to see Sugarland in concert.  It was, to say the least, amazing.  I had a great time.  I even got to meet a member of the band thanks to our school’s chorus teacher. 

Here are Jennifer and Christian rocking out.

What a fun night!

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Mans best friend

She loves that dog.  LOVES that dog.  It is so cute.  He thinks she is pretty awesome, too.  Especially when she is fresh out of the high chair.  There is food somewhere on her and he is always determined to find it!  Whitley, as you can see from the picture, wants to pretend she doesn’t exist.  She does a pretty good job until, again, there is food involved.

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