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Our journey from a married couple to parenthood…..

Show me love:

The sign for love.  As you saw from the video we posted last week, she will put her hands on her chest and say “ahhhhh” when we had her to “show me love”.


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18 for the 18th

Ava is 18 months old today.  I have high hopes of doing a little ” I am 18 months old” photo shoot tonight, but this post should keep everyone happy until I can get it done.  Hard to believe that 18 months ago that big girl tearing up my house was just a tiny nugget of person.  We were at the neighbors house for a little bit on Tuesday night and one of them said “Gosh, she isn’t like a baby any more.  She is just like a tiny person walking around.  Like a normal person in tiny form!”.  I think that about sums it up best.  She is my little toddler tornado, or destructasaurus, but she is the light of our life.  Nothing makes us smile that she does.  So, to keep everyone up to speed with her:

Here are a few tidbits about Ava and what she is up to these days:

1.  Hair color: blonde

2.  Hair style:  mullet, a la Billy Ray Cyrus

3.  Eye color: Blue, blue, blue…oh, with a little hint of…blue!

4.  Sleeping: from around 8pm to 7am.  If it is a week day a little after 7, if it is a weekend…a little before 7.  Heaven forbid we get some extra sleep!  🙂

5.  Words: Lots!  Her favorite seems to be monkey…as of today.  And a word funny, Ava will tell you what a rooster says leaving off the “a doodle do”….so, if a rooster says “cock a doodle do”, you can only imagine what Ava runs around saying.  Really nice, right? 

6.  Favorite parent:  Daddy.  Mommy is cool when Dad isn’t around.  If Dad is around, forget about it!

7.  Shoe size: 6, or giant.  She has no hope for cute dainty feet!

8.  Pant size: 18 months, with only a cloth diaper to hold them up.  If it weren’t for the cloth diaper she would have to wear 12 month pants!

9.  Shirt size: 24 months/2T…somebody has a long torso!

10.  Teeth: 12.  4 top, 4 bottom, and two top molars with two bottom molars.

11.  Favorite food:  This is hard to tell.  She loves veggies and fruits.  I would guess her favorite food is cucumbers or whatever we are eating.  We have ourselves a little food mooch!

12.  Favorite drink:  Milk!

13.  Favorite time of day:  “Baff” time. (Last night she asked for a “baff” three times before she actually got one.  I am NOT going to give Ava a bath before she eats her dinner, I am no fool!)

14.  Favorite toys:  Puzzles and books

15.  Favorite characters:  Elmo and “mee mou”, aka Mickey Mouse

16.  Favorite activity: going outside to “wink”or swing, if you don’t speak toddler!

17.  What she wishes she could do: turn door knobs!

18.  Latest trick:  Making that funny face we shared in video form with you.  She was just doing it yesterday to Emily, our good friend who is watching her this week.  Emily got a good laugh out of it, too.

There is so much more, too.  It is really hard to sum her up on a blog page.  She is so full of personality it is…scary!

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