From here to where?

Our journey from a married couple to parenthood…..

It was about time!

Just a few weeks ago Jon and I were talking about how much Jackson and Ava love eachother.  It was that day that Jon said ” it is only a matter of time before we turn around and Ava and Jackson are asleep, snuggled together on the floor”. 

Sunday while watching the Eagles game that very thing happened!  Ava was playing with her blankets, acting totally normal.  Sleep must have snuck up on her (and us) and she layed her blankets out and was asleep.  Jackson soon followed…..right next to her, right on her blanket, watching over. 

Man’s Toddler’s best friend!


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Thankful Thursdays

1.  We are thankful that even though Ava is 16 months old she is still as snuggly as can be.  Check her out, loving up on her Dad.  She knows how to get what she wants.

2.  We are thankful for the very near completion of our master bath.  It was a much needed repair/replacement, and it is SOOOOOOOOOOOO nice!

3.  We are thankful for labor day.  Actually, I am typing this on labor day….just schedule it to post today, thursday!  It was nice to have a three day weekend.  As an added bonus Megan gets today off, too.  Nothing like a three day work week.  Woo Hoo.

4.  Jon is thankful for college football season being here.  The almost start of NFL season.  We love football around here and it is exciting to know that we can sit around and do nothing one weekend (yeah right) and have something great to watch on tv!

5.  I am thankful for Ava.  Her tears can break my heart, but her laugh can brighten a room.  She is, for certain, the best thing that has ever wandered around our homely abode.

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Ava’s request for a motorcycle has grown up.  She no longer makes her motor noises, instead she drags the bike out to wherever we are and says “wide…peas…wide”.  She still, for the most part, gets her nightly ride.  Daddy always has safety in mind, so a few nights ago she was wearing protective head gear.  Yes, a motorcycle helmet…that is what it is.

You can tell from the wear (and dog hair, ew!) on the tires this bike gets love :). 

This “helmet” is a newborn size beanie.  The one she wore home from the hospital.  Niiiiiice.

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Ava LOVES her bows.  Hates to wear them, loves to play with them.  Occasionally she will have one in her hair, but never for very long.  It is all part of the playing.  Mostly they are spread out all over my house!  Check her out on different occasions playing with her bows.

She found the sock and bow baskets.  The socks have since been put away, they were all from winter and didn’t fit her anymore!  The bows….well keep scrolling!  🙂

Doing her best Richard Simmons. 

A bow on the head is worth one in the hand.  (ahem, please also notice…she is no longer bald…well, she is no longer as bald as she once was!)

Best toy ever!

Trying to put it on.

If one is cute, three must be stunning.  Right?  RIGHT?

She had her bows spread all over the kitchen floor and, strike me dead if I am lying, she pulled out all three of the purple headbands and asked me to put them on her head.  How does she ask?  She walks over, hands it to you and says, “Bowa, peas?”.  Who is going to turn that request down?

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From drab to fab

That was our  mission.  I think we accomplished.

Our master bath was in SERIOUS need of help. Our shower head was leaking for a year (like, the first time we heard it dripping was the night we came home from the hospital with Ava), and it was the plumbing in the wall that was causing the problem, not the head. There was a leak behind our toilet, too. So we decided that since our Master bath sucked anyway, we would just re do it. Thank God Jon is a very handy man, it made this upgrade affordable!  Our tiny little drab bath.

It turns out that after we demo’d the shower we learned that our shower drain (that had draining issues) was actually broken. The pipe that carries the water away was actually broke and the shower water was just draining out under the house. Nice….Needless to say, GOOD RIDDANCE to that!

And, the after.

It isn’t totally done, so more pictures will come soon.  This is just what has been consuming us for the last few weeks.  (Please note that when I say “us” I use that term VERY loosely!) 

I took the first shower in there this afternoon, I told Jon I felt like I was in a hotel.  After a paint color mishap earlier we think we are set on what you see.  Some rugs, accessories, and a cabinet and we will share again!

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