From here to where?

Our journey from a married couple to parenthood…..

Don’t smile


What were we doing?  The answer is nothing.  I just looked at her.  Apparently, I am funny looking and according to Ava…REALLY funny looking.


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I am a lucky lady…

This is what I get to look down and see every day.

1.  I still can’t believe she is mine.

2.  I can’t believe how much she has grown.

2. Are you jealous?  🙂

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And then we had a cucumber….

So, as you know from our other post….we went “home”.  When we got back home from being “home” we had a couple surprises in our garden. 

Look what grew while we were away!!!

Those might not look very exciting or fabulous to you but to us it was awesome!  Our little garden made something.  Yay!  This was our first shot at gardening in Hades, oops I mean South Florida, so the heat was something we had to figure out.  Turns out that tomatoes, green beans and green peppers don’t like it this hot.  Cucumbers, they love it.  We have had at least a dozen cucs since we got back.  Yum!  It is a good thing, too.  Ava is a cucumber monster.  If she sees one of these little guys come in from the garden she runs around the kitchen saying “peas, nommy nommy nommy.  peas”.  Of course she gets her way.  Any kid who begs for vegetables should win that fight!  🙂

p.s.  Those cucs might not look it but they are GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!

In recent days we have had a blooming of sunflowers.  We planted them to help give part of the garden a little shade in the heat of day.  They are so happy looking.

So, grow garden grow!  We can’t wait until fall so we can plant some more stuff!  🙂

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A little swim suit cover up

and flip flops.  She is just too cute!  🙂  This is the only time in life that chubby ankles are cute!

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You need to come back every day this week.  I have scheduled at least one post to go up every day through Monday!  🙂

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It is high time….

for a giant post.  I haven’t decided as I sit down to type this whether I am going to do one big post, or break it up a bit.  I guess we will all be surprised as we go.  Me as I create and you as you read!  🙂 

I have a LOT of pictures to share.  I mean A LOT, bunches, oodles, gads, a google of them  🙂

So, lets get this party started.

We went “home”.  You know…”Back home again in Indiana…”?  That kind of home. Wanna see?  If not, don’t continue reading!  🙂

First we visited with Grandma J and Grandpa J.  Ava loved playing outside, playing with the watering can, the dogs water (tisk, tisk), riding on the retro toys, swinging in her new swing, playing at the Muncie Children’s Museum and tormenting Sasha.  She also loved playing with Grandma and Grandpa. 

Then…then we went to Grandma D and Grandpa D.  (I just, in typing this, realized that both sets of grandma/grandpas share the same initials.  One set is J an the other is D.  Well, I guess if you get technical my Dad’s first initial is a G….but who is technical around these parts?)  At Grandma D’s and Grandpa D’s she loved playing with her cousins.  Specifically big cousins O, E, G and R, and little cousin A.  She also loved playing with all the toys in the toy closet, helping cook and put away dishes, and eating Grandma D’s cookies. 

Surprise….I am going to leave off here.  I will create a few more posts to go up in the coming days with more pictures.  I have to get caught up before I go back to  **cough cough**…before I have to go back to **ahem**…before **burrrrrp** starts back up.  Hmm, something seems to be wrong with me.  I can’t seem to say the word…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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Swipe swipe, “Peas”

Ava has become a little motor mouth.  If she isn’t saying something that we understand she is just babbling on and on with a story we have no understanding of.  It is quite funny.  The past week or so she has been saying “please”, ALL THE TIME!  It sn very cute and very hard to resist.  Here is a little video of Ava with her nightly Daddy motorcycle ride saying “please”.  (Please note:  The swipe of the hand across the chest is also the sign for please, she started saying and signing the word at the same time…silly kid!”

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