From here to where?

Our journey from a married couple to parenthood…..

Thankful Thursdays!

1. I am thankful for Ava who, no matter how bad my day was, always finds a way to make me smile!

I have a basket that has numerous gift bags in it we have received through the baby gifting ceremonies.  Ava always gets in the basket and goes for this very large blue bag.  I am constantly taking it away from her and putting it back.  Finally I figured it was just a paper bag, what could it harm.  Turns out that this “just a paper bag” turned in to hours/days of entertainment for Ava. 

Entirely unprompted she climbed right in and started to play peek-a-boo with us.

She thought she was some real hot stuff in that bag!  🙂 

By the way, the cute blonde teenager is the neighbor across the street.  When she gets bored she comes over to hang out with Ava.  She is also the sweet neighbor who would walk our dogs when she was bored.  She is a sweetie!

2.  We are thankful for naked time.  Get your mind out of the gutter, I am talking about Ava’s naked time! 

She is not a happy camper if she can’t get a little naked time after bath each night.  She will just scream at you until you give in!  She has made this a nightly habit, and sometimes we will let her run for 30-40 minutes!  Why are we thankful for it?  Because there are few things in life cuter than your baby’s buns running around the house!  Why is she wearing a hat?  Because if she sees a hat anywhere she asks for it (by doing the sign) and wants to wear it. 

3.   I am thankful for unexpected Jon photos.  When I am out he will occasionally snap a picture or two (or 20) of he and Ava, or just Ava.  I never know they are there until I pick up the camera to upload pictures, like tonight.  Viola, a surprise self Daddy/Ava photo!

4.  What is the dill, pickle?  Ava has become quite the mooch.  If we are eating something she wants a try.  Pickles were no different.  If you know Jon you know he loves anything salty…chips, summer sausage, pickles, olives, pepperoncinis, etc.  He will often make a snack out of a couple pickles…ick!  He was snacking the other day and Ava was interested.  She really liked them, but the sour face was priceless!

5.  And, finally, thankful again that she can always make me laugh!  This is Ava bringing me her diaper…her strategically placed diaper because under that diaper in the picture she isn’t wearing one!  She decided to take it off because it was either 1. wet 2. uncomfortable or 3. interfering with her ability to be naked.

Please note how proud of herself she is!  🙂


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Nobody puts baby in a corner…..

Ahh, the Dirty Dancing movie.  You have to love that line.  That and a little Patrick Swayze dance routine……sigh!

Ava decided to upgrade her dancing tonight to be a little more risque.  It was pure luck that we had the camera.  Usually she just waves her hands back and forth to “dance”, I was hoping to get that on camera because it was so cute.  I was in for a real treat, though…..just watch for yourself!

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