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Our journey from a married couple to parenthood…..

Roasted spatula with a side of baked knife

That is what Ava fixed Jon and I for breakfast this morning!  Are you jealous at what our little chef whipped up for us?  You should be.  It had a wonderful plastic type texture with just a hint of sticky baby hands.

Ava got this lovely toy as a gift from our good friends.  Jon finally had the time to put it together yesterday, and he had a very handy helper. 

Here she is telling him which step comes next.  We are not sure Jon could have completed this build without her assistance.  At one point she was holding the directions up and “reading” them.  I didn’t have the camera handy for that moment, darn!

This is the nearly finished product.  All we need is some fake food (I think I see a Target run in my future!) and she is all set.  Then we will have something to “eat” other than baked utensils!

Here are a couple of videos of her playing this afternoon.  You can also see the other skill this child seems to have mastered overnight….walking!


And playing with the kitchen-

(you can also hear her favorite word “dis”.  She knows how to tell us what she wants, point and say “dis”, her version of “this”.)

Just a couple more, unrelated, pictures because we think they are cute! 

We are in big trouble now———–

She has become a regular jail breaker.  She just thinks she is the funniest thing ever!

I love this sweet face!  I can’t get enough of her!

And finally-

This girl and “her” dog.  Sigh!


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12 months old, a party and mothers day

One big post all wrapped up in one.  Let me just start out by showing you just how Ava feels after all the big fun stuff happening around here.


I also want to point out what has happened on her tray.  I start every meal of Ava’s with this veggie medley.  She loves them.  She picks out all the green ones (peas and green beans), then starts on the carrots and finishes up with corn.  As you can see here she only got half way through her appetizer before she fell asleep. 

And, because this picture is too cute not to share…

Eating her french toast before she went to the sitters and I went off to work! 


My baby took a big leap from “infant” to “toddler”.  Sigh!  Here she is, 12 months old!

For her birthday we had a party at the house for her.  Since all of our friends have children we had a bounce house here, too.  This was PERFECT to keep all the children entertained.  I made her a carrot cake BIG cupcake, and mini cupcake bites (go to to learn about them, YUM!) and we had a little cupcake decorating station for the kids.  We ate tacos, chips and salsa, gucamole and nacho cheese.  I think everyone had a good time, and when everyone left we were worn OUT!  Here are some pictures from the day!

The backyard:

The cupcake cake:

Cupcake bites:

Singing Happy Birthday:

The verdict of the cake smashing-  She wasn’t in to it!  In one of the pictures you can see Jon letting her try a bit of cream cheese frosting and she gagged on it!  She didn’t really make a huge  mess like I have seen kids do.  Oh well!  She did go straight to the tub afterward, though.

Just a couple pictures of the happy girl at her party:

And today is Mothers Day.  The final part of this post.  I have to say that when I was a little girl I always wanted to be a mom.  I never thought about growing up and not having children.  Now that I have completed the first full year of motherhood I cannot imagine life any differently.  Ava is the most amazing thing that I have ever watched on a daily basis.  The way she laughs, learns, sleeps, talks, signs…everything is just incredible.  She is such a quick learner, sees you do something once and wants to do it herself (making baby proofing a challenge!).  I know if it weren’t for the awesome moms that Jon and I have we would not have been able to do such a good job with Ava.  Isn’t the say “the hand that rocks the cradle, rocks the world.”?  I would say that is so true, Moms rock!  Thanks to myMom, Jon’s Mom, and all of our awesome Mom readers!  You Moms have been there to guide us, correct us, support us, teach us and laugh at us this past year!  For that, we thank you a million.  There is a piece of each of you in our little lives!

Here is Ava’s rockin outfit for this special day!

With Mom!

With Dad:

And, because it looks like Jon’s face is going to explode:

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