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Our journey from a married couple to parenthood…..

Thankful Birthday – Pinch Us, Ava is ONE!!

What a year and what a thankful Thursday we have today!!  We will do it with pictures!!

1.  It all started with Bert and Ernie!

2.  Then there was Bernie!

3.  One year ago today!

4.  The never ending love, joy, and happiness this little girl has created in our lives!!

5.  Our happy family.


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Videos, some pictures, and a milestone!

It has been over two weeks, and we have a lot to show you for it!  First, check out this cute video of Ava giving some good belly laughs when she was playing with Jon!

And then this video was from yesterday.  Ava says “Hi”, tells me “no”, shows us the sign for “hat”, and says “doggie”……that all happens at the very beginning, the rest is just garbage…well, except for the toot!  🙂

Originally this post was going to tell you how Ava is standing all on her own:

Then yesterday she decided she was going to take three steps all on her own!!!!! 

Jon turned thirty on the 19th, and we had a nice party for him at a friends house.  Ava partied so hard she she could hardly keep her eyes open:

Ava has really taken a liking to the dogs.  Jackson (the lighter colored one) has really taken a liking to her, as well.  (Thank goodness!)  Here she is looking all innocent, just before her attack!  Notice Whitley getting the heck out of there when she dives in?

And finally- For Ava’s birthday the Grandparents and Jon and I all went together to purchase her a swing set.  We got a great deal on THIS beauty! 

Ava LOVES it!  We didn’t get any pictures of her swinging in it this afternoon but we did get pictures of her playing at the little “lemonade  stand”.

(Look at all that hair on the back of her head!  Can we say MULLET????)

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A girl and her dog…

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Wowza, 11 months old!

I guess that means something big is coming up! The next time I post her age it will be with the word YEAR after it. Lets just all stick our heads in the sand and pretend like this isn’t happening, okay? We are super behind on uploading pictures so I am going to OVERLOAD you with them tonight. We have lots to share as we have done a lot in the last few weeks! Life is sure keeping us busy! I can do this thankful thursday style, too. Two birds with one stone…..
1. We are thankful Ava wants to try to learn how to do the laundry! I can’t wait until she can carry the basket on her own! 🙂

2. We are thankful we are able to catch moments like this on camera.

This is from when my Dad came down to save us from losing all of our time off of work. He helped take care of Ava (and eventually me) when she was sick. Thank goodness he was able to be here, such a HUGE help. Plus, look at how sweet this picture is! Ava LOVES her books (or bips, as she calls them) and my Dad was certainly feeding in to her addiction!
3. We are thankful that Ava, somehow, can always make us smile.

You can’t tell me that this picture didn’t make you smile. She looks too funny!
4. We are incredibly thankful for the special time we have been able to spend with Ava’s GREAT Grandmother. Since she winters in Florida we get to visit with her. Sadly she left last week for Indiana and this was (as of this point) her last winter here. However, just before we left we snuck in one last visit. I am pretty sure they like eachother! 🙂

5. We are thankful that Ava loved her swimming day! This means lots of refreshing summer days ahead! Yay! I guess that means we are also thankful for pools, sunscreen and ice!

Okay, the Thankful Thursday count is over, so let me just get to the rest of the pictures!

For a long time now Ava has been really in to our cell phones. She must see us with them and think they are something important so she desires them. We have many old phones so we just gave her one that didn’t work anymore. She LOVES it! Here she is playing with it…..

“Hello? Oh, just a moment…he is right here.”

“Daddy- It is for you!”

Making her big, nose wrinkling smile!

Ava has really gotten in to using her sign language lately. Her two favorite signs right now are “Hat” and “fan”. In this picture you can see her doing the sign for “hat”, patting her head.

Ava playing dominos with her Great Grandma. I think she makes her Great Grandma laugh, though I have no clue. Doesn’t everyone play dominos like Ava does? (On a side note, since Grandma sold her place down here and left everything behind she made sure to send us home with those dominos. I have a feeling Ava will have fun playing with them for many years to come!)

It was a very intense moment in the book.

The rest of the swimming pictures. Ava crawling around on the pool deck, playing on the top step and VERY intently watching her mom blow bubbles. Ava thought about trying but every time she put her mouth in the water she got really mad. For some strange reason water came in and no bubbles came out!

If you have made it this far….I am totally impressed! There are, in the end, going to be 29 pictures posted today. Whew…that was a lot of work.

The only ones left are the “I am 11 months old today” pictures. My goodness are these pictures tough to take. Just take a look at how cooperative she is for them! 🙂
This is the moment we set her down to take the first picture:

Okay, lets try this again

Nope, nope…that isn’t working. Not her best angle. How about trying again?

No? Still not what you are after. Gosh, we sure do have high expectations for these monthly photos.

THERE! That is MUCH better! Lets see if we can get one where the paper isn’t blocking her body now. What? “That is too much to ask” you say? Pssh!

I just SHOWED you!

Oh, uh….wait a minute- I think I just got proven wrong. Boo!

What is that you say, Mom and Dad? I am supposed to sit still and smile for the picture? Ha Ha Ha. Not a chance. Maybe if someone holds me AND the sign it will work. Deal?

DEAL, Ava!

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