From here to where?

Our journey from a married couple to parenthood…..

Who are you…

and what have you done with my baby?

Saturday I took Ava swimming.  This was the first time she had been since July when she was in the water for just a few short minutes.  To say she loved it is an understatement!  With the exception of about 15 minutes to eat a snack, drink some water and reapply her sunscreen she was in the water for nearly three hours! 

I snapped this picture just before we got in.  I put her hat on her for the first time and she was trying to take it off.  This, thankfully, is the ONLY time she tried to take it off.  A sunburn on her bald head would have been bad.  When I got home and uploaded the pictures to look at them one look at this had me saying “Oh my goodness, she looks so BIG!”  Not big in reference to size, but big in reference to looking more like a toddler and less like a baby.  Sigh.

So, just one picture to share.  I have more and will post them another day!  🙂


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It is thursday…

and I was about to go to bed as that thought popped in my mind.  So, a thankful thursday post for you!  🙂

1.  Thankful for a healthy baby!  We had a rough two weeks with the sickies, but our baby is back.  Yay!

2.  Thankful that spring break is coming up.  One more three day work week then a whole week away…..Ahhhh!  This is the time of year teachers need it most!

3.  Thankful that Megan’s college roommate, Siobhan, came down to our area to visit our sister.  Siobhan has a super cute baby girl born in August.  We got the “girls” together this afternoon for a quick visit!  We can’t wait to meet up in Orlando with Siobhan again and take the “girls” to Sea World to play! 

4.  Thankful for the amazing weather we have had.  From the looks of it most everyone has had nice weather!  I hope to take Ava swimming and to the beach over spring break.  Now, to purchase her very first swimming suit.  I can’t wait!  🙂

5.  Thankful for the amazing appetite Ava came out of the sickies with.  She was never a really big eater (her thighs might make me look like a liar, but I promise!) and she came out on the other side of these ear infections with an appetite to beat all appetites!  She never ate breakfast until last week, now she is eating everything in sight!

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Sharing, because I am an evil mother…

Hey, you can’t say you didn’t laugh, too!

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It has been a whirlwind here…

We have been hit.  Hit with a sickness.  Hit with a sickness that is hard to shake!  About two weeks ago Ava popped a fever and that is when it all started!  Took her to the doc, an ear infection.  Her first.  Not a first we want to celebrate.  A Rx for amoxicillin and we are out of the Ped’s office.  A few days in to it we realize that there is no way Jon and I are able to juggle no babysitter and keeping up at work so we bring my Dad down here to play Grandpa Daycare.  Thankfully it all worked out!  Thankfully because I ended up sick as a dog.  Little did my dad know he was coming to take care of his granddaughter AND his daughter!  🙂  Ava ended up back at the Ped last Sunday because the antibiotics were just NOT working.  Three rounds of antibiotic injections over the course of 6 days and the Ped assured me today she is getting better.  Whew!  This was exausting.  Jon and I agreed that we were more tired these past two weeks than we were when she was a newborn and waking up every few hours.  I can officially say we have been spoiled by haivng such an easy baby!  You don’t realize how good you have it until it is gone.  Hopefully my sweet little girl is returning, and soon!

Since we last posted Ava has turned 10 months old.  TEN!!!  There are no pictures of her 10 month birthday because she had a 102 fever and looked about as good as she felt, I am sure.  I thought I would wait to take them.  Now she is just starting to feel better and she is half way to 11 months.  Sigh!  Time goes too quickly!  I do have a couple of other pictures to share with you.  One from when my Dad was here.  He was snuggling Ava and reading her books, her two favorite things!

The next three are from today, finally feeling a little better and giving up some cute smiles!  🙂

This morning, eating her pancake!

And with her mom and dad….just before we ALL went down for an afternoon nap! 🙂

(we told her to say “Hi” and she waved at the camera!)

And, lest you think my kid has no fashion sense….check out her fancy outfit!

Two videos, too!  🙂  We are just going to send you in to Ava overload!

The other night Jon was reading to Ava the “5 little monkeys” and when it came to the “mama called the doctor and the doctor said, NO MORE MONKEYS JUMPING ON THE BED” part Jon would shake his finger.  Ava started to copy him, check it out!

(please excuse the rocking, it is just what we do ’round these parts!)

The next video is from tonight.  I was playing with Ava and she was cracking up.  Nothing makes me laugh happier than the sound of her giggle/squeal!

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