From here to where?

Our journey from a married couple to parenthood…..

And then there were four….

Teeth that is!  Ava, after MONTHS of teething, finally got her two top teeth last week.  She worked so hard to get them, we were ALL ready for that to be over.  I think it is just the beginning our teething torture, though.  She still has many teeth to go! 

Here is a recent picture of her.  She loves to grind her teeth now, as seen in this picture.  It is such a lovely sound. 

My dental friends tell me that teeth grinding is normal, and even good for them…lets just hope that it doesn’t last long!  🙂 

Ava also got a new car seat.  It isn’t yet installed in my car, I want to get all the use out of that baby seat I can, and she still fits in the height/weight requirements, so why rush it…..but I had to test it out.  I can’t believe how big she is!!!


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A picture post, a picture post!

Boy, a baby on the move sure keeps us busy!  No excuse to leave you all hanging with out anything to read, but still!  🙂  I just uploaded a few pictures while Ava naps, so I thought I would share! 

Jon wanted me to document that Ava was playing with tools.  We went to dinner at a friends house and they have a little boy a month younger than Ava.  She was playing with his saw! 

We went to visit Ava’s Great Grandma again.  This time we remembered to take a picture of the four of us.  Thank goodness for a self timer on the camera!  Too bad Jon and I look like we were saying to ourselves ‘DONT BLINK, DONT BLINK!”

How could I pass up this CUTE picture?  This is what happens when the people at Denny’s (Grandma’s pick, no ours!) are swamped.  (swamped with 20 empty tables and two families to seat, whew!)

Ava loves to stand at her toy box and pick out her toys.  Actually, she loves to stand at her toy box and pull out all of her toys.  Her next trick will be putting them back!

Laughing at me when I tell her not to play with the curtains.  She thinks she is cute.

This is Ava’s first “blood”.  She was trying to stand at our friends dining room table and fell face first in to…something.  Nobody really knows, even though we were all right there!  She busted her lip open and scraped her chin.  It was her first blood, and Megan cried.  Yep, you read that right.  Tears, real ones.  Boo!

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It is just past half time….

and Punky is in bed, but this was her for the kickoff!

She was trying to watch the game.  Such a football kid!  🙂

She BARELY was able to squeeze in to this onesie.  We bought it at the start of the season and it is a good thing the season is over tonight because she would not be able to wear it again.  And, nevermind the red eyes.  It is obvious she was very tired but bed time is not 6:30, it is after 7….gotta stretch that awake time out so she sleeps at night!

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Superbowl Sunday!

It is a big day for most of us!  I think the vast majority of our readers are Colts fans, so we are all anticipating the game tonight!  We have no big plans, just hanging out here at home and watching the game.  I would post a picture of Ava in her Colts outfit, but that will have to come later….she is currently napping!  Lets hope for a great game!


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9 month pictures, and some extras!

First things first:

Thankful Thursdays-

1.  We are thankful for the ability to communicate with family and friends so easily.  Sometimes technology is a curse, mostly it is a blessing!

2.  We are thankful for having a doctor for Ava we really like and trust.  That is so important!

3.  The weekend.  This weekend is one of the few where we do not have a lot of plans.

4.  Our dishwasher…it sure seems as if that thing runs every night.

5. Our dogs…they sure have been very patient since Ava has taken over the house.

And now on to the pictures!!

Our printer ran out of ink so I had to use a blank sheet of paper and add in the text….Hey, it worked.  However, getting Ava to sit with a sheet of paper is impossible now!  She grabs it, puts it in her mouth, shakes it, looks around with it, etc.  Just check it out for yourself!

We also replaced our non-working door bell.  Ava helped out Jon, she was just thrilled with the ladder!  She liked to stand and smack at the sticker that was on the top step!

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It is time for another round of….


I have done this once before, but I will explain again.  Our blog interface tells us what search engine terms people type in that leads them to our blog.  Everyone so often I check it and I am blown away by what leads people to our site.  So, lets check some out!

1.  “new pentax dslr”- uhh, really?  I do not own a dslr (a fancy digital camera), nor have I ever blogged about one!

2.  am336 blaa- because this makes total sense!  Why WOULDN’T this lead you here?

3.  why is my belly getting bigger- Let me see if I can answer this one: 1.  You are eating too much.  2.  You are drinking too much.  3.  You have a tumor.  4.  You are pregnant.  5.  You are being taken over by aliens.  Take your pick!

4.  size baby pictures quarter blueberry-  I am fairly certain that all of those words are included in our blog, however…that is some search phrase, huh?  It is like running tons of random thoughts together and searching them.  I just love that people don’t know how to search.  My students think that they need to type entire sentences in to a search query to be successful.  This is usually the way to be LEAST successful.  If you want to know how to harvest oranges the proper search term would be “harvesting oranges”, not “how do you harvest oranges during the orange season in an area where you grow oranges?”

5.  \”belly picture\” -porn –  This one is my favorite.  I mean, we would ABSOLUTELY be posting belly picture porn on here if it weren’t for the people who read it.  You know…my parents, Jon’s parents, siblings, friends…well…everyone.  Oh, and then there is the part about not having any belly picture porn that stops us, too.  I love people!

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