From here to where?

Our journey from a married couple to parenthood…..

9 months old!

Ava turned 9 months old on Friday.  It is hard to imagine what our life was like just 10 months ago, preparing for her arrival.  She has just grown and changed so much, it is unreal.  In just a few short months we will be celebrating her first birthday, and I am sure time will only go faster after that!  She is full of entertainment, that is for sure.  She crawls around and says “momma, momma, momma” and “ba, ba, ba, ba, ba”.  She makes a rasberry sound with her lips.  She scrunches up her face and makes a raspy breathing sound whens she is excited.  (I will have to get this one on video, because it is hard to explain!)  From the time she wakes up until she falls asleep she is just jabbering and making noise.  It is so fun!

So….videos!  🙂  I have two to share with you!

Just Ava playing and babbling!

And, having some “air” time in her crib!  Here you can hear her rasberry noise!

The photos will follow in another post, right now the camera is hooked up and charging!


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Have no fear, there is a new post coming soon! :)

We have a 9 month update, with video that will be up soon!  I know you are all waiting, hanging on the edge of your seats!

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Visiting Great Grandma!!

So this past weekend we visited Jon’s 95 year old grandmother, one of Ava’s two great grandmothers!! She is a snowbird and comes to Florida for three months a year. Her house is about an hour and a half from us and is always a wonderful time…below are a few picture from this past weekend!!

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It’s that time of the week!

Thankful Thursday time! 

This week we are thankful for:

– finally painting our living room.  We had a baby shower for some friends at our house on Sunday afternoon so we decided that we should finally (after 4 years of living here) paint the living room, the only room in the house we had yet to paint.  We decided at 10pm Saturday night, when there was NOT ONE THING hanging on our living room walls, the curtains were in the dryer, and the furniture was pulled away from the walls, that we were out of our minds.  Did you know- painting a large room when you have a small child is a large task?  If you didn’t, you do now!  However, we are loving the results of our hard work. 

– We are thankful for finally having something above the couch we both like.  This is the THIRD thing we have hung there.  Megan didn’t like the first, Jon didn’t like the second…we can finally agree on this one!  Yay!

The saying says “Family- Where life beings and love never ends”.  Say it with me now..”Awwwwww!”

– We are thankful for our little panda butt.  Wait!  Huh?  Did she just say panda butt?

Yes, yes, I did just say panda butt!  Look at her, all big and stuff.  Standing so casually with one hand resting on her little table.  Darn her for getting so big!

– We are thankful that we are finally getting some help with the laundry around this place.  It is about darn time Ava starting pulling her weight around here.

(if anybody was heading off to call Child Protective Services because of the child labor implied here….it was a joke!!)  🙂

–  thankful that we are finally getting in to an exercise routine.  After Ava was born things got a little wild.  Ava finally has a regular-ish bedtime, so we are back to the exercise.  I suppose if we put it out there on the internet we can’t fail at it without the risk of major public humiliation.  🙂  Jillian Michaels 30 Day shred is our weapon of choice!  She makes a mean workout video!

And, a “just because” picture:

I just love a freshly bathed baby!

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Thankful Thursdays!

1.  We are thankful for the past two nights that Ava has slept all night long without waking.  I am even afraid to type that all out for fear she will be up soon!  🙂

2.  Megan is thankful for MLK day on Monday, that means a long weekend!
3.  We are thankful that we got to turn our heat off today!  It has finally returned to a normal SW Florida winter!  (not bragging at all, we know that most of you who are reading this are doing so from the comfort of your blanket by the fire, admiring the snow out your windows!)

4.  Thankful for Jon returning to the office and doing the job he loves the most.  My husband is happier now then he has been in a year.  I would say he is, officially, back in his element!

5.  Thankful for friends and family who have beef and pork.  I think when Jon and I packed out suit cases to come back down here after Christmas we must have had 50 pounds of meat spread between 3 suit cases.  That sure helps the grocery bill!  We even still have some in my parents deep freezer….it will just wait for our next visit!

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Holy pictures, Batman!

We have taken LOTS of pictures since the birth of our little Punky. 

1,356, to be exact.  That is an average of 5 pictures a day.  Wow!  I was worried I wouldn’t be good at taking pictures…I guess that is a worry not worth my time!  Lets look at picture #1 and then the most recent!  This will be good!  🙂

Ava, a mere seconds old…and the best OB/GYN on the planet, Dr. Murray!  Love that guy!  (oh, and sorry…it is kind of an icky picture!)

Ava at almost 8.5 months old.  Never, ever in my wildest dreams could I have pictured a more perfect baby in my home!

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A random collection of photos:

When Ava attacks:

Her super cute Christmas Day Shirt!  I ordered it from and I am in LOVE with it!  🙂

Hanging out in her super rad, uber cool retro bouncy seat/high chair!  She thought she was a little hot shot as soon as she figured out how to bounce that thing! 

Up to no good!  🙂

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Ava had many Christmas celebrations!  Our first was the Christmas Party for EnSite, Jon’s company.  This Christmas party was a really good time.  (It is where she tried on the gator helmet!) 

Her second Christmas was with just Jon and I.  She got to open the presents we got her.  She got a Laugh and Learn Puppy and a Laugh and Learn play table.  She will also be getting a toy box to contain the copious amounts of toys she has in our living room!  🙂  She may have gotten some pretty cool toys, but her favorite gift of all is…………


Then we flew to Indiana to spend the holidays with our family. 

On the plane with daddy and mommy!

She was so so so so so so so so so so so so good on the plane.  Both there and back.  I don’t think she cried for more than 5 minutes in air the ENTIRE round trip!  We are so lucky.  The other passengers are also very lucky!

Her third Christmas celebration was with all her aunts, uncles and cousins in her daddy’s family. 

a bit blurry, but a shot of the gift exchange chaos!  This is what happens with lots of people, lots of kids and lots of wrapping paper!  🙂  She is so thankful for all the awesome gifts she got. 

Her fourth Christmas was spent with Megan’s parents.  She opened presents, was spoiled by her Grandma and Grandpa M. and LOVED the wrapping paper again!  🙂  Here is our little family on Christmas Day night, with our little elf all dressed in her Christmas PJ’s.

Her fifth and FINAL  (whew!)  Christmas celebration is happening tonight!  We are exchanging presents with her baby sitters family!  I will be sure to take pictures of that fun, too!

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Since we have been gone…

Ava has conqured many firsts!  Lets check them out in pictures!

Her first two teeth!  Yeah, I know…she got them on Thanksgiving, but this is the FIRST picture I could get of them!  🙂

Her first football helmet.  We think we have a baby Gator on our hands!  🙂  She has many other helmets to try out before she decides.  Mommy is hoping for a Boilermaker, though! 

Her first snow!  When we were in the frozen tundra Indiana it was snowy all but two days. Ava got to see lots of the pretty white stuff!

Her first Christmas!  Actually this picture was taken on what was actually her FOURTH Christmas celebration, but her first real Christmas Day! 

She started pulling up on stuff for the first time.  Only after she started crawling.  She got the crawling figured out on 12/18, and started pulling up on 12/25….didn’t take her long, huh?

More first that I don’t have a picture of: clapping and moving her hand over her mouth when she is making a noise to produce a funny sound.  It is really hard to explain, but when I come back to this blog post for milestones to fill in to her baby book, I will know what on earth I mean!  🙂

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